"KOTOR: Unknown Planet" Walkthrough

By Sebastian Malysa

Updated September 22, 2017

The Unknown Planet in "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" is the second to last planet in the game. After acquiring the fourth star map, you finally have the coordinates for the illusive Star Forge; however, en route, your ship, the Ebon Hawk, is caught in a disruptor field and forced into the atmosphere of an unnamed planet. Your main mission here is to explore the planet and shut off the disruptor field. Overall, getting off the Unknown Planet is fairly straightforward.

Warring Factions

Pick your party and leave the Ebon Hawk. Run north of the crashed ship where five local warriors will attack your party. Defeat the warriors and two blue aliens will reveal themselves from their hiding spots behind two large rocks. They thank you for saving them from the locals and allow you to ask them several question that provide useful information. Once your questions have received satisfactory answers part ways with the aliens and continue moving north. You'll find a winding path leading away from the beach, follow it. You'll come onto a new beach with a ship wreck guarded by local warriors. Fend off the local warriors and follow the path left of the ship to North Beach. Here you'll encounter Rakata warriors. Speak with them and agree to follow them to their leader called The One.

The City of the One

Speak with The One and ask several questions to reveal key elements of the story. Agree to kill The One's cross island rivals, the Elders, and he'll award you with access to the temple and spare parts to repair the Ebon Hawk. Part ways from The One via the only exit possible from his chambers and make your way through the City of the One. The City is very linear. Talk to everyone on your way out and search every basket for useful items. Exit the city and walk north, back to North Beach. Follow the path you came in on, back to the ship wreck where you turned left. Follow the path to the right of the ship wreck this time.

Mandalorian Punks Side Quest

At the top of the path from the North Beach, turn left towards the temple area. Kill all the young rankors in this area for a massive experience point (xp) boost of almost 700 xp for each kill. Follow the path to the right of the temple until your party gets ambushed by cloaked Mandalorians. Watch your health as you fight these enemies as they're the toughest Mandalorians you have faced. Kill them all and loot their bodies. While looting the captains body, you'll notice you can take his head; do so. Return to the City of the One and follow the water running along the wall of the entrance. Here you'll find a man with the name Rankor. Speak to Rankor and he'll tell you about his problems. Present him with the Mandalorian captain's head and he'll give you access to a treasure chest containing great loot.

Beyond the Wreckage

Return to the temple area and this time take the path leading to the left to get to the South Beach. Here you'll encounter another wrecked ship with laser beam traps guarding it. Carefully make your way around the traps to the middle of the ship wreck where you'll find the all important ship parts you need to repair the Ebon Hawk. Follow the path beyond the ship to the Elder encampment. Speak to the holograph guarding the door and agree to visit with the Elder leaders. Inside, the Elder leaders will speak with you. Threaten to kill them to start the battle to fulfill The One's request. Kill all the leaders and then explore their encampment. You'll find a computer room with an ancient computer. Speak with the computer to learn a great deal about the galaxy and to gain access codes to enter the temple.

The Temple

Leave the encampment and return to the City of the One. Tell The One about what you learned from the computer and give him the codes to gain access to the temple. The One will take the codes to his priests who will decipher them for you and unlock the temple. Go to the temple area and walk towards the temple entrance. Speak with The One's priests to gain access to the temple. The temple is filled with heavy resistance so make sure you have plenty of medpacks with you and search every room for more. The temple is dangerous but very straightforward. Make your way through the temple by unlocking passages door by door until you find yourself in the chamber containing another ancient computer.

Ancient Computer and The Final Test

Speak with the ancient computer. It will reveal that the purpose of the disruptor field is to protect the Star Forge and only a worthy Jedi/Sith can turn it off. At the end of the conversation the computer will unlock a door near the entrance of the temple. Return to the temple entrance and enter the unlocked room. Take the elevator to the top floor of the temple. Walk through the doors down the hall out of the elevator where Bastila will confront you. You'll learn she's turned to the Dark Side. She'll ask you to join her or die. Choose to either join her, thus aligning yourself with the Dark Side, or choose to attempt to covert her back to the light, thus aligning yourself with the Light Side. Once you've made your decision, continue down the hall and shut off the disruptor field using the computer at the end of the hall. Return to the Ebon Hawk and continue your journey to the Star Forge.