How to Remove Pictures From a Nintendo DSI

By Jacob Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo DSi has a built-in camera feature.
i Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

The Nintendo DSi model adds a new built-in camera feature to the line of handheld gaming consoles. DSi users can take a break from their games and have fun with the camera, which allows them to snap photos and send them to other DSi consoles or post them on their Facebook accounts. The built-in photo editor also lets DSi photographers add special effects to their snapshots, such as new backgrounds or distortion. Photos taken with the DSi camera are stored either on the DSi’s internal memory or on the removable memory card, and can be deleted from memory using the camera application.

Push the power switch to turn the console on. The console will boot into the DSi menu.

Tap the camera icon to enter camera mode.

Tap “Other” on the camera menu. A screen with several icons will appear.

Tap “Delete” on this screen. A prompt will appear, asking you which location to delete the photos from.

Tap “Delete from System Memory” if the photos are stored on the DSi’s internal memory or select “Delete from SD Card” if the photos are stored on the removable memory card.

Tap “Photos.”

Tap “All photos” to delete all photos stored on the chosen storage location. Tap “Delete individually” to select specific photos to delete. Additionally, you can delete all star-, clover- or heart-tagged photos by selecting the appropriate option in the menu.


This procedure will also work for the Nintendo DSi XL.