How to Use GameShark on KiGB

By James Price

Updated September 22, 2017

KiGB is a powerful Game Boy emulator for the PC. It allows users to emulate games from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy on their computer without the need for a physical copy of the game or the system for which it was designed. Within the many features of KiGB is the ability to directly enter GameShark codes into the program for use with the games. Inputting these cheat codes allows users to manipulate the game to their advantage, and is extremely easy to set up.

Open KiGB by locating the file path within the computer, and opening the desired folder. Once the folder is open, double-click on the "kigb" icon to open the program up. When using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the system may request permission to run the program. If so, click "Run" in the box that appears.

Move the mouse to the upper-left corner of the KiGB window, and click on the "File" button. From here, click on "Load ROM," and select the desired game to be played. Double-click the game's title to open it up.

Click anywhere on the KiGB window to make the file menu appear again. Click on file, then scroll down to "Cheat." Once highlighted, a side menu will appear giving the option for either GameShark or Game Genie cheats. Click "GameShark" to open up the cheat menu.

Type in the numerical GameShark cheat into the GS Code box. If desired, add a description for the cheat to help remember the function in the future. Click the box next to the cheat in the Apply field to activate the cheat, then click "OK" to return to the game with the new cheat codes active.