Advantages & Disadvantages of Video Games

By Alexandra Bee

Updated September 22, 2017

The effects of video games will depend on your playing habits and the amount of time you spend on the game.
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Video gaming has come a long way from its inception, allowing players to now connect with gamers in nearly any country in an instant using only a controller. Video games have advantages and disadvantages ranging from health issues, social skills to positive team-building exercises, varying with each player and their own gaming habits.

Social Effects

Playing video games over an extensive period of time may cause social withdrawal outside of the gaming realm. Although this does not always occur, it is possible if you do not occupy your time with other hobbies and activities outside of the home or where you play video games. On a positive note, playing video games online with gamers around the world will allow you to socialize and communicate with various cultures with ease (although this method is not personal). You will have the ability to meet new gamers each day using online multiplayer gaming systems.

Team-Building Skills

Many video games focus on team-building exercises and efforts to complete or pass a level. Playing team-building games online will increase your communication skills while teaching you to effectively problem-solve in a group of people. You will learn to direct and to take orders and guidance from other teammates while advancing through various levels and realms with a new set of gamers each round.

Health and Excercise

A lack of exercise is a great health risk to which video games often contribute, depending on the types of games you are playing as well as the length you play each time. Taking breaks in between playing video games to complete a physical activity or exercise will dramatically improve your health if you are not currently getting working your body out. Purchase fitness games for your gaming system that allows you to track your body's progress over time -- motivating you if you can't seem to tear yourself away from the console.


Over time, the cost of gaming systems, equipment and the games themselves add up to a hefty amount for dedicated gamers or collectors of games. Some game systems will require repairs throughout their use, adding to the original price of the console when you first purchased it. For those interested in online game play -- all online games must be purchased to prevent thievery or unlawful gamers using online gaming services for which they have not paid. This eliminates a less expensive route, such as renting online games -- meaning the full cost of the game is required to play.