How to Cheat on the Game "Bubble Shooter"

By T.M. Wit

Updated September 22, 2017

“Bubble Shooter” is an online arcade game where you shoot colored bubbles. Anytime you fire a bubble and it connects with two or more bubbles of the same color, the bubbles are eliminated from the puzzle. Accuracy with your bubbles is important as missing a shot will add bubbles to the puzzle instead of removing them. A cheat named Guide Wire is available for “Bubble Shooter.” Guide Wire shows you the path of any bubble you are about to fire so you never miss.

Navigate to Max The Third's download page and download Guide Wire.

Run the “Setup.exe” file to install Guide Wire.

Begin playing “Bubble Shooter.”

Click “Start,” “All Programs” then “Guide Wire” to open the Guide Wire program. A translucent window will appear.

Align the frame of Guide Wire over your “Bubble Shooter” game.

Center the source ring directly over the bubble cannon.

Change the width of the laser until it matches the size of the bubbles.

Click “Bounce At” then select “Edge.”

Begin playing "Bubble Shooter" with Guide Wire.