Cheats for "Prism: Guard Shield"

By Randolph Driblette

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Prism: Guard Shield" is a first-person shooting game created by the Army National Guard. It can be downloaded as freeware. Game play revolves around the use of stealth tactics and counterterrorist strategy that implements cutting-edge technology and techniques that the National Guard really uses. Cheats for "Prism: Guard Shield" include infinite ammo, invisibility, double damage and full inventory.

Infinite Ammo

You will never run out of ammo when using the infinite ammo cheat. This code works for any weapon as well as grenades and lasers. To use the infinite ammo cheat, enter the code "GFIEOSMK45" in the cheat code menu.


You can creep around enemies and traps with ease using the invisibility code. After you use this code, you do not register on enemy radar and cannot be seen by enemies on the battlefield. You can still get caught in the crossfire during a shootout, though. To apply invisibility, enter "IDNSLOWE21" in the cheat code menu.

Double Damage

The double damage cheat makes all of your weapons do twice the normal damage, as well as makes them armor- and wall-piercing. Double damage can be particularly helpful for very difficult levels with hordes of enemies that need to be eliminated. To activate double damage, enter "NSORELFJ94" in the cheat menu.

Full Inventory

Full inventory gives you every weapon and item in the game. That means you will be fully stocked with all machine guns, handguns, grenades, lasers and medkits, all full to capacity. Full inventory can be helpful in difficult levels with limited supplies. To use this cheat, enter "DSMOWLFN42" in the cheat menu.