How to Use the Dx9 Plugin in Dolphin

By Sara Bailey

Updated September 28, 2017

DirectX9 (DX9) was released in 2002 as the newest Microsoft Windows application programming interface (API). DX9 is used to process many different multimedia programs. Without DX9, computers would have difficulty processing high-definition video. Dolphin is a video game program that outputs in high-definition and uses the DX9 plugin for its heavy processing uses.

Download the Dolphin program from the developer's website. Open the folder that comes with the download, which contains the Dolphin program that is run on your computer without the need to install it.

Open Dolphin by double-clicking the "Dolphin.exe" folder inside the Dolphin folder you downloaded. Click the "Config" option on the top of the main Dolphin window.

Click the "Display" tab on the top of the "Dolphin Configuration" window that comes up. Click the "Video Backend" button.

Click the "DX9" plugin to be used as the video plugin for Dolphin. Click "GFX Config" option next to where you just selected the DX9 plugin to open the "Dolphin DirectX9 Graphics Configurations" menu.

Select the "1x Native (640x528)" option as the "Internal Resolution." Click the "Texture" option for the "EFB Copies."

Click "Disable" underneath the "External Frame Buffer." Click "Close" to save the DX9 settings, and then click "OK" to activate the settings.


Dolphin is not a program that actually needs to be installed via the normal method. The download comes with all of the necessary files unpacked into a folder. Inside that folder is a file named "Dolphin.exe." Double-clicking the "Dolphin.exe" file starts the Dolphin program.