How to Transfer a Pokemon From Emulator to a PBR

By Alicia Prince

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • N64 emulator with wireless capability

  • Nintendo DS (any version)

  • "Pokemon Pearl" or "Diamond"

The various "Pokemon" video games span many platforms, including "Pokemon Battle: Revolution" for the Nintendo Wii. In "Pokemon Battle: Revolution," players can transfer Pokemon from the "Diamond" and "Pearl" cartridge titles. However, this requires a working wireless connection on the Wii. Transferring "Pokemon" from your emulator requires transferring them to the "Diamond" or "Pearl" games first, all of which can be done via Wi-Fi.

Turn on the wireless capability in the emulator. This is usually done by clicking "Options," then "Link Options," but can vary by program.

Save your games in both versions while standing outside of a Pokemon Center

Walk upstairs in the Pokemon Center in both games. Talk to the front desk or enter the middle door to establish the connection, depending on the version of the "Pokemon" game running on the emulator.

Select the Pokemon on the emulator and cartridge games to swap. Click "OK"

Exit the Pokemon Center on the cartridge game and save the game.

Enter the poke store on "Battle: Revolution." Speak to the character at the front desk in both games to establish the connection.

Select the Pokemon on the Nintendo DS you want to trade, then select a Pokemon to send in return on "Battle: Revolution." Hit "OK" to confirm the trade. Save your game on "Battle: Revolution."