How to Get Past the Rock Tunnel Without a Flash in "LeafGreen"

by Daniel ValladaresUpdated September 22, 2017

"Pokemon LeafGreen" and "Pokemon FireRed" are the updated versions of "Pokemon Red" and "Pokemon Blue," released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. You can access the rock tunnel, a pitch-black cavern, in both games. If you have a flash, you can illuminate the whole cave, but if not, you will need to navigate blindly. It's a small cave, so you can get through in a few minutes.

Go as far down as you can until you hit the bottom wall. Go as far right as you can until you reach the ladder and go down the ladder to the second floor.

Battle and defeat the Pokemon trainer on the second floor. Go five steps down and then head to the left until you reach the far wall. Go as far up as you can to reach the next ladder. Go down the ladder to reach the second floor.

Go all the way down, then all the way to the left. Go up one step, left one step, then down one step. Battle and defeat another Pokemon trainer. Go two steps up to reach the wall above you and continue to the left until you are challenged by another trainer. Battle and defeat the trainer and continue up until you hit another wall. Hug the wall to the right until you are challenged by yet another trainer. Defeat the trainer and head north. Stop when you hit a boulder. Go to the left once you reach the boulder to reach another ladder and head to the third floor.

Head all the way down and then to the right. Continue to the right until you are challenged by a Hiker. After you defeat the Hiker, go behind him to reach the ladder to the fourth floor.

Go all the way to the north and avoid the Pokemaniac. If you wish to gain experience and money, you can defeat him; otherwise keep going north until you reach another ladder. This will take you back to the third floor.

Head left until you hit a wall, then down until you another wall, then left until you are challenged by a trainer. Defeat the trainer, then go down one step and as far right as you can. Go down two steps once you reach the far wall and then continue to the left. You will be challenged by one last Pokemon trainer. Defeat him and go down one step, then eight to the left, to reach the exit of the rock tunnel.


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