How to Unlock All Great People in "Civilization Revolution"

By Launie Sorrels

Updated September 22, 2017

The “Here’s Looking at You, Kid” achievement is earned once you have found all 46 of the Great People in “Civilization Revolution.” You do not have to find all of them in a single game, but throughout your playing career. You can see which Great People you have in the Hall of Fame. For the Great People to count, you have to settle them within your cities. If you use a Great Person for an immediate bonus or capture them from an enemy, they will not be added to the Hall of Fame.

Start “Civilization Revolution.” Select “Single Player” mode. Select the “Play Scenario” option. Select the “Beta Centauri” scenario. Select the “Chieftain” difficulty. Select “Greeks” for your starting civilization.

Change your type of government to “Monarchy,” and then build a “Temple.” Both of these will give you extra Culture.

Speed through the turns until you receive your first Great Person. Settle this person in your city.

Continue through the turns until your Temple is completed. Build a “Cathedral.”

Continue through the turns until your Cathedral is built. Settle all Great People you receive during this time in your city. Build the “Magna Carta” Wonder.

Continue through the turns until you receive a Great Person. Use this Great Person to finish the building of the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta gives you a large Culture bonus.

Select Wonders that take a lot of time to build, and just start speeding through the turns to receive more Great People. If you do not receive all of the Great People you need by the time you finish the scenario, then just start over and do it again.