GTA IV Boat Cheat

By Jarrett Melendez

Updated September 22, 2017

Cheating to spawn a speedboat in "Grand Theft Auto IV" is a great way to make a quick escape if you need to get rid of your wanted level and you happen to be by the water. Although there is only one cheat that spawns a speed boat, there are a variety of cheats that unlock other vehicles and weapons, and cheats that affect your health, wanted level and other aspects of the game.


Instead of using a password system or entering long button sequences, you have to use Nico's cellphone to dial phone numbers that act as the game's cheat codes. Apart from the cheat for the Jetmax speedboat, there are eight additional codes that unlock six cars, a helicopter and a motorcycle. When you enter a vehicle cheat into Nico's phone, the vehicle will spawn nearby.

Enter "938-555-0100" to unlock the Jetmax speedboat. Enter "359-555-0100" to unlock the Annihilator helicopter. Enter "625-555-0100" to unlock the NRG-900 motorcycle. Enter "227-555-0147" to unlock the Turismo car. Enter "227-555-0168" to unlock the Super GT car. Enter "227-555-0142" to unlock the Cognoscenti car. Enter "227-555-0100" to unlock the FIB Buffalo car. Enter "227-555-0175" to unlock the Comet car. Enter "625-555-0150" to unlock the Sanchez car.

Health and Armor

There are two cheats that replenish Nico's health. The first code fills his health bar and gives him armor; the second refills all of his ammunition in addition to these effects.

Enter "362-555-0100" to refill Nico's health and armor. Enter "482-555-0100" to refill Nico's health, armor and ammo.

Wanted Level

There are two cheats that correspond to Nico's wanted level. The first of these completely removes his wanted status, which is convenient if you're in a pinch and need to lose your wanted level to complete a mission. The second code actually increases your wanted level. This cheat is made for players that want to go on a rampage for the fun of it or practice escape tactics.

Enter "267-555-0100" to remove Nico's wanted level. Enter "267-555-0150" to increase Nico's wanted level.


If you're unhappy with your current arsenal, use either of the following cheats to unlock a specific set of weapons. Each cheat fills one weapon-class slot in Nico's inventory. Test out both cheats to see which set best suits your preferences.

Enter "486-555-0100" to give Nico a baseball bat, grenades, M4, MP5, pistol, rocket launcher and sniper rifle. Enter "486-555-0150" to give Nico a knife, AK-47, Uzi, Molotov cocktails, pistol, rocket launcher and sniper rifle.