How to Open Jammer's Stash Box in "Dragon Age"

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

Jammer's stash box is a treasure chest found in the role-playing game "Dragon Age: Origins." Players receive clues about how to open the treasure chest while exploring the area where it is located. The quest automatically starts when you read the journal that explains the procedure for opening the stash box. You then encounter several common boxes that contain multiple items. You receive the key that allows you to open Jammer's Stash Box only if you take the correct item from each box.

Travel to Orzammar and enter the commons area. Go to the cartel hideout, which is located in Dust Town. Gain entrance by entering the house in the slums and either intimidating or persuading the thug to give you the finger bone. Use this item on the suspicious door outside the house to gain entrance to the hideout.

Read the journal near the entrance of the hideout to discover that you must take only the cheapest item in each of the named common boxes. The journal is in the first room to your right after the fight with the doorman.

Exit the room with the journal and enter the first room to your right. Inside you'll find Kanky's Common Box. Open this box and take only the silver ring. If you take any other item, you will receive damage.

Continue on through the hideout until you fight against the jailer. Go right from the room where you fought him, go up and finally left. Kill all the attackers in this room and then continue onward.

Open Jammer's Common Box, which you will encounter in the next room and take only the Iron Letter Opener. Ignore all the other items in the box and continue onward.

Take the left tunnel when you get to the three-way split. Enter the room on your right when you reach the end to find Pique's Common Box. Take the garnet trinket from this box. This is the third and final quest item, and upon taking it from the chest you'll automatically receive a key that opens Jammer's Stash Box.

Return to the three-way split and take the right path to reach Jammer's Stash. Open it with the key to receive gold, a random item and a special cap.