How to Play "ePSXe" Online

By Jacob Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

Gamers can play PSX games online on their computers with ePSXe and CyberPad.
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PlayStation, or PSX, gamers who want to play multiplayer games with other players over the Internet can use ePSXe, a PSX emulator that is compatible with a wide variety of game controllers and graphics cards. Kaillera, a game server program, allows players to host games from their home computers, and users with the Kaillera-enabled version of CyberPad can join Kaillera-hosted ePSXe games.

CyberPad Installation

Download the Kaillera-based version of CyberPad from the CyberPad website.

Double-click the downloaded zip file.

Open the ePSXe folder.

Drag and drop the “kailleraclient.dll” file to the ePSXe main directory (the same directory containing the ePSXE program file).

Drag and drop the “cpka.dll” file to the “PLUGINS” directory in the ePSXe folder.

Join a Game Server

Double-click on the ePSXe icon to launch the program.

Click “Configuration” on the top menu bar, click “NetPlay” and then click “CyberPad.”

Insert your PSX game if you're playing with an original PSX game disc.

Click on the box next to “File-Run” and select a game or select the disc drive that the original PSX game disc is in. Click "OK."

Enter a username in the box provided and click “OK.” A list of currently-running game servers will appear.

Double-click a server to join the game.


Pick servers with the lowest ping number to reduce latency during game-play.