How to Play Two "Maplestory" Accounts on One Computer

By K.J. Holmes

Updated September 22, 2017

If you're having trouble leveling up a new character on "MapleStory," try multi-boxing. In the gaming community, multi-boxing means having more then one account of the same game open at once. In "MapleStory" this will allow you to adventure a new, lower level hero, with your own higher level hero. Multi-boxing can also allow you to trade items between different "MapleStory" accounts. Although you can download third party software that is often faulty, the easiest way to multi-box with "MapleStory" will be by running two different user accounts on your own computer and moving between them.

Navigate to your computer's "Control Panel" and click "Add or Remove Accounts."

Name the new accounts and make sure to select "Administrator" so that the account has administrator privileges. Click "Create Account."

Log into the new account by selecting "Switch User" under the Start button.

Install "MapleStory" on the new account. You can do this either by downloading it from the "MapleStory" Web page or dumping your old "MapleStory" (from the old account) onto an external hard drive.

Log into "MapleStory" on one of your accounts. Switch users (under the start menu) and log into "MapleStory onto your other account. Now, using the "switch user" command under the start menu, you can toggle between "MapleStory" games to play with two accounts at once.