How to Slam Dunk on "NBA 2K10" for a PS3

By Scott Levin

Updated September 22, 2017

Few plays in basketball are as exciting as the slam dunk. The dunk displays a player's combination of athleticism and power. As a game that sells itself on its realistic features, "NBA 2K10" for the PlayStation 3 allows you to perform slam dunks in game situations. There are multiple button combinations that allow you to complete a dunk in "NBA 2K10."

Gain control of the basketball and begin dribbling toward the basket. Pass the ball to a player who will be able to dunk. A tall forward with a high dunk rating will have no trouble dunking the basketball, whereas a short point guard with a low dunk rating will likely be unable to perform a slam dunk. Check the dunk ratings for your players by looking at your roster and scrolling through each player's attributes.

Hold the "R2" button as your player dribbles toward the basket. This is the turbo button, which makes your player sprint to the basket. You need a clear path to the basket to perform a dunk so dribble past or away from defenders on your route to the basket.

Press the "Square" button while still holding the "R2" button when your player reaches the basket. The "Square" button is typically just the shoot button but when held with "R2" near the hoop, the player will jump up to perform the slam dunk. Release the buttons when your player has the ball up to the rim.

Use the "Shot Stick" feature for another way to complete a slam dunk. Hold the "R2" button while running toward the basket and when your player reaches the hoop, move the right joystick toward the rim. The player will perform a basic slam dunk. Moving the right joystick in other directions makes your player perform other dunks, including a power dunk, flashy dunk, reverse or 360.

Use other button combinations to perform certain situational dunks. To perform a putback dunk on a missed shot, hold the "R2" button and press the "Triangle" button. To perform an alley oop, hold the "L2" button while passing the ball ("X" button) to a teammate running toward the hoop. The receiving player will dunk the ball if he has the ability to do so.


Dunks are more easily performed on a fast break when no defenders stand between you and the basket. These opportunities also give you a better chance to try a special dunk using the "shot stick." Forcing the ball inside for a dunk may result in a turnover. Only go for a dunk if you have an open opportunity. Another type of shot may give you a better chance for success.