What Is the Difference of "Pokemon Shiny Gold X" & "Pokemon Shiny Gold"?

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 22, 2017

The "Pokemon Gold" series is a collection of user-created Pokemon games based off of "Pokemon Fire Red." There are two different versions of "Pokemon Shiny Gold," the original and the "Shiny Gold X" version. Choosing the version you want depends on the type of Pokemon player you are.


The Pokemon in "Shiny Gold X" are harder to defeat than in the original "Shiny Gold." They start off with higher HP levels, so they will be harder to defeat and catch. Also, because of their higher levels, you may need something more powerful than a standard Pokeball to catch the Pokemon.


All of the trainer battles in the "Shiny Gold X" game have a higher difficulty. These trainers will user more strategy strength and are harder to defeat. Battles with them will take longer and you have to build up your Pokemon to defeat them and earn badges. The trainer's Pokemon will also be harder to defeat and more evolved than previous versions.


All of the maps from "Pokemon Shiny Gold" and "Shiny Gold X" are the same. you will encounter the same citizens, plots and villains throughout the whole game. All of the dialogue and text remains the same for everyone your character talks to.

File Size

The "Shiny Gold X" is slightly smaller than the original "Shiny Gold" file size. It is only smaller by around 1,000 bytes, but both have full compatibility with the VBA (Virtual Boy Advance) or other Game Boy Advance emulators.