What Happens When You Roll the Bird on Rhino Rampage?

By Leah Waldron-Gross

Updated September 22, 2017

Released in 2008 by Mattel, Rhino Rampage is a dice and strategy game for players aged 5 and up. The two- to four-player game uses an eight-sided die that you roll for a chance to move your three birds atop a plastic rhino's back. If you roll the free bird icon, you get a reward for your lucky roll.

Game Setup and Rules

The Rhino Rampage game includes a plastic rhino with a tail-activated stomping mechanism and an eight-sided Rhino Rampage die, which contains the numerical digits 1 through 6, as well as a free bird icon and a rhino icon. Each player rolls the die to move one of his three, color-coded birds along the path beside the rhino, and eventually on the rhino's back, which has safe areas along the way (leafy areas). The first player to get all three of his color-coded birds onto the rhino's back (before it stomps and shakes) wins the game.

Numerical Dice Moves

If a player rolls a number, he must move his bird an equal amount of spaces along the rhino path, which is on the side of the plastic rhino. While each player has three birds each, only one bird may be moved per dice roll. If the bird lands in a space shared by another player's bird, he can perch his own bird atop the other player's bird, which makes the lower bird "trapped." The only way for the trapped bird to move ahead is if the player chooses to move his bird ahead in the next turn, or if the player with a trapped bird rolls the free bird icon.

The Free Bird Icon

If it is your turn and you roll the free bird icon, you can release one of your trapped birds and move it ahead one space. If you do not have any trapped birds, you can move any single bird ahead one space. If you are moving a trapped bird, the bird that had been on top of your bird remains on the playing space.

The Rhino Icon

The rhino icon causes the most danger to all players, as it sets off the rhino's stomping motion, which knocks off any bird that is not on a safe (leafy) area. The player who rolls the rhino must push the rhino's tail down, which activates the motion. Any birds that were knocked off the rhino must re-start at the bottom of the path. If any birds in the leafy area are knocked down accidentally, you can place them back on the rhino.