How to Watch Netflix Without a Home Internet Connection

By Thomas Thayer

Updated September 22, 2017

DVD can be rented from Netflix without a home Internet connection.
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Netflix built its company on the promise of convenient and affordable DVD rentals delivered through the mail. Recently, the company has been more heavily marketing its streaming video service, which instantly sends selected movies and television shows directly to an Internet-enabled device, such as a computer, certain DVD players and modern video game systems. Those without Internet service at home, however, can still enjoy the traditional Netflix DVD rental service. DVDs will need to be selected from the Netflix website, but this can be done away from home.

Visit the Netflix website and sign-up as a new member, or log in with an existing account if membership has already been established. The Netflix website can be accessed from Internet-enabled computers at many public libraries when Internet service is not available in the home. The website might also be accessible from a computer at work, if the employer does not prohibit personal Internet use. Do not visit the Netflix website if it violates company policy.

Select the "Browse DVDs" link on the main Netflix page after logging in.

Enter a movie title, TV show title, actor's name, director's name or genre into the search box to display results of available DVDs that match the search criteria. Alternately, use one of the many categories or recommendation links presented by Netflix on the "Browse DVDs" page if not searching for something specific. This is a good way to discover movies and television shows that were previously unknown.

Click on the "Add to DVD Queue" button to request the desired DVD. Netflix will mail the selected DVDs to the address on the account. The number of DVDs that can be rented at a time will depend on which Netflix rental plan was selected for the account.


Add a selection of DVDs to the Netflix queue. The selections can be prioritized after adding. Netflix will usually send the first available DVD(s) in the queue. All Netflix subscription plans include streaming content via the Internet. This can be used on any Internet-enabled device, including friends computers and some video game systems. There is a Netflix app available for Android and iPhone. DVDs can be added to the Netflix queue using this app. Additionally, video can be streamed to a smartphone using this app, but use caution if the cellular service provider places limits on data.