How to Block Doubleclick.Net

By Jason Artman

Updated September 28, 2017 is an Internet server that displays advertisements hosted on Google's advertising network. In addition, the Doubleclick tracking cookie is placed on your computer by some websites to aid in the effectiveness of Google's advertising by tracking the websites that you visit and the terms that you search Google for. Doubleclick is one of many online advertising networks, but you can reduce the number of advertisements displayed on your computer considerably by blocking this server.

Open the Start menu, and then click "Computer."

Double-click the icon for your computer's "C:" hard drive, and then open the "Windows," then "System32," then "drivers" and then "etc" folders.

Double-click the file "HOSTS." Select the "Notepad" icon when Windows asks you which program to open the file with, and then click "OK."

Click to place the cursor at the beginning of the first blank line at the bottom of the file.

Type "" in the blank line.

Close Notepad, and then click "Yes" when prompted to save the file.