How to Configure Mass Effect With Pinnacle Game Profiler

By Mark Robinson

Updated September 22, 2017

Ported to the PC platform by Demiurge Studios, Mass Effect was intended to be played with a mouse and keyboard. As such, there is no support for gamepad controls and no options for enabling gamepad support within the game itself. Pinnacle Game Profiler solves this issue by offering third-party support for gamepads in Mass Effect. Users can customize their gamepad’s input settings within the program for use on nearly any gamepad, including the USB-compatible Xbox 360 game controllers.

Open the Mass Effect game and navigate to the “Options” menu. Access the gaming controls screen and write down the commands normally used for the keyboard and mouse on a piece of paper. Press “Alt + Tab” to leave the game screen and return to the desktop.

Plug your gamepad controller into the USB port of your computer. Open the Pinnacle Game Profiler program. Select “Mass Effect” from the “Game Profiles” list. If the game is not listed, click “New.” Add the game and its program executable path (for example, “C:\Program Files\Games\MassEffect\masseffect.exe”) and click “Save.”

Click “Edit Configurations.” In the “Controller Configurations” screen, click “New Configuration” and modify the name of the new configuration as you want it to appear. Select your gamepad controller from the “Device” drop-down list.

Click on any of the controller buttons in the picture. A drop-down menu will appear with a number of basic commands used for the game. Select a command from the list and repeat the procedure with other buttons. Select “Edit Commands” to add new commands and edit existing ones.

Locate the “Direction Pad” setting and select the type of pad desired. Click on the direction pad buttons to assign a command or direction to each. Click “Setup Joystick” to edit and adjust the directions, dead spots and sensitivity of the gamepad’s joysticks.

Click on the “Save and Close” button to save your new settings. In the main menu, highlight the controller configuration you saved and click “Set As Default.” Press “Alt + Tab” or select the “Mass Effect” icon on the taskbar to return to the game and test your new controller settings.