How to Convert an SRT File to SCC

By Andante Sostenuto

Updated September 22, 2017

Converting SRT files to SCC can be accomplished in a few steps.
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As one of the most common and simple subtitle formats, an SRT file can be read by most video players. However, syntax-wise, an SRT file may not always be the right choice. If the subtitles provided include lines indicating background noise such as "light birdsong" or "music," they are not subtitles but captions intended for the deaf. In this case, the correct file format is SCC (scenarist closed captions) and the file should be converted accordingly.

Go to vSync's free caption-conversion tool at

Click "Browse" and select your SRT file. Make sure the ending of the file is .srt and that the file is a correctly formatted SRT file with no errors. One way to check this is by naming the file the same thing as the corresponding video clip and running it in VLC Media Player.

Set the offset. If the subtitles are already perfectly synched to the video, leave it at 0.0. If there is any sort of delay, calculate the offset by opening the SRT file with Notepad and fiddling around with the timing of the very first subtitle until it is perfectly synched. Subtract the original time from this time and enter it in the box that says "Offset." Make sure to change the SRT file back to normal before proceeding.

Choose "Scenarist SCC" in the drop-down menu reading "Output format" and hit "Convert." Almost instantly, a little window should pop up requesting the download of the completed conversion. Download the file to your computer, rename it as you please, and you're all set.


All non-ASCII characters will be converted to a "?" with this conversion, so it may be worthwhile to perform a "Find/Replace" ahead of time to get rid of or replace such characters.