How to Get a Set Item Using Hero Editor

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

Hero Editor is a third-party program for the online game "Diablo II". It allows players to create and edit a hero in whatever way they desire, changing the character's stats, items and skills. Set items are items that are all part of a set and when combined give the player extra bonuses. In the Hero Editor menu you can create your own set items or import rare set items already present in the game.

Load Hero Editor and select the character you wish to edit. You can also choose to create a hero if you so desire.

Click on the Inventory tab and select to import or create a new item.

Browse through the list of items to find the item set you wish to give to your character. Or select a non-set item to import.

Click on the "Save New Item to PickedUp" button on the right side of the window.

Close the item creation tab to return to your inventory tab where you can right click to copy and drop the item into your inventory. Continue to step 6 if this item is not already a set item (indicated by green item quality).

Right click on the item and select the option to "Change Item Quality" to turn it into a set item. Click "Save Modified Item" to return to your inventory with your new set item.