How to Get Unbanned From ROBLOX

By Annabeth Kaine

Updated September 22, 2017

Players receive at least three warnings before getting an account banned.
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When a player breaks the rules or commits an offense repeatedly he receives an account ban. ROBLOX uses an "escalating" system when dealing with offensive behavior. If you threaten someone or use profanity in chats with other players you are redirected to the ROBLOX terms of service. Game moderators do not automatically ban accounts and someone will review the alleged behavior before banning your account. Bans last from one to 14 days.

Accept the terms of service. If you received a reminder, warning or temporary ban from ROBLOX game moderators, select "accept" on the terms of service box. Until you accept the terms of service you cannot log into your account. Even if you accepted the terms previously, you are asked to read through and accept them again.

Find the "Contact Us" option at the bottom of the ROBLOX web page. Selecting this option brings you to another web page with contact options.

Choose the "Customer Service" email option. This option opens an email template for ROBLOX customer service. Complete an email explaining why the ban is unfair or unfounded and ask that a second look be given to the ban-prompting event. Provide an example of what happened leading to the ban and why you believe it is unfair.

Call a ROBLOX customer service representative with questions about your account ban. The phone number is listed along with the customer service email address. Talk with an account representative about your ban and explain what happened leading up to the ban. Ask for help with getting the ban taken off your account.


Remember that it takes at least three offenses to have your account banned. The first ban you receive is a one-day ban. Repeated offenses result in seven to 14 day bans. Read and review the ROBLOX terms of service and community rules; knowing the rules helps prevent account bans.


Do not use profanity or make threats in the ROBLOX community; these offenses can cause account bans.