How to Calculate NCK Codes From IMEI Numbers

By Nicholas Smith

Updated September 28, 2017

Unlock your phone to use on a different network with its NCK code.
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When you purchase a cell phone from a mobile provider, the phone is likely to be locked so that you cannot use the device on another network. However, your mobile device can be unlocked and used on a different network with the device's unlock code. The unlock code is also known as the "Network Unlock Key," or the "NCK" code. To obtain your device's NCK code, you need the phone's IMEI (unique subscriber identity code). Each phone lists the IMEI in the battery compartment. You can also obtain the IMEI by entering a code.

Type "* # 0 6 #" into your cell phone to obtain your device's IMEI code. Alternatively, remove the battery cover and battery. Look up the IMEI code, located on the compliance sticker in the phone's battery compartment.

Obtain your NCK code directly from your mobile provider. By completing this step, you may not need to search various websites to locate the code. You can get the code for free using this step. Dial "611" on your device. Request your device's "NCK" code. Be prepared to tell the agent why you want to unlock the phone. For example, you may need to use the phone on another provider while you are out of the country.

Obtain your device's NCK code online if your provider is unable to give it to you (see Resources). Be prepared to enter the IMEI code that you obtained earlier.