How to Reload Play Chips on "Poker Stars"

By Thomas McNish

Updated September 22, 2017

Reload your chips up to three times per hour in
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"Poker Stars" is an online game that allows you to play other players in various poker games. It's a necessity, when playing poker, to place bets. These bets determine who stays in the game, who wins and who loses. Not everyone enjoys gambling with real money though, so allows users to place bets with fake money. If you're on a losing streak and you find your play chips sitting below the 100 mark, you can opt to reload them up to three times per hour.

Choose a game by clicking its tab located at the top of the "Poker Stars" window (for instance, "Omaha," "Hold'em" or "Stud"). Click "Play Money" from the game's sub-menu that appears. A list of stakes and limits will appear.

Browse the list of stakes and limits until you find a game that you'd like to join. Double-click it to be directed to the table.

Click the "Seat Open" icon to sit down at the table and begin playing.

Click the "Chips" icon and select "Add More Chips" if you find that your play money has gone below 100. Your money will automatically be reloaded to 1,000, which you can play immediately or take with you to another table. You can reload your chips like this three times every hour.