How to Fix Pandora

By Sara Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Pandora Internet radio has helped usher in a new personalized music radio.
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Pandora Internet radio is an online radio company that gives listeners the power of what they want to hear. You can create a Pandora radio station designed to fit your personal preferences as a music lover. If you are having any skipping or blank homepage problems with Pandora, the culprit could be a number of different problems preventing Pandora from playing properly. These problems consist of a full Internet cache, an outdated Flash player, browser incompatibility or an anti-virus program blocking the Pandora Website.

Clearing Internet Cache

Open your Internet browser that you use to play Pandora Internet radio, and click the "Tools" option on the topline menu of the browser's main window.

Click the "Internet Options" selection when the context menu comes up. A list of "Internet Settings" comes up.

Click the "Privacy" tab or the "Browsing History" tab and click the "Delete" option to bring up a new window.

Click the check mark next to the "Empty the Cache" or the "Cache" option. Click "Delete" to delete the cache.

Click "OK" when the cache Internet browser is finished clearing the cache, which will only take a few seconds, and click "Close."

Log back into your Pandora Internet radio account on your computer and select the station you want to play. The songs will now play without any skipping or pausing. If you are still experiencing problems, continue reading.

Updating Flash Player and Trying a Different Browser

Go to the official Adobe Flash Player website and click the "Download" option to update your version of Adobe Flash Player.

Click the "Install" option from the next window that automatically comes up after the download completes. Flash Player is now updated. Try Pandora again. If it does not work continue to the next process.

Open a new Internet browser on your computer, and go to the Pandora homepage. Start up one of your radio stations to see if it works properly. Sometimes, the problem is simply with your browser. Switching the browser could help Pandora's stuttering problems.

Anti-Virus Programs

Open your computer's anti-virus program by double-clicking its desktop icon or its notification icon in the notification tray on your computer's task bar.

Go to the Pandora official website on your Internet browser with the anti-virus window open. If the anti-virus is blocking Pandora it will be shown on the ant-ivirus window.

Click the "Always Allow" option on the anti-virus window next to where it said it "Blocked" Pandora. This allows Pandora to access your computer to temporarily save music files on your hard drive to avoid skipping and stuttering.


Before trying any of these options, first restart your computer to make sure that it is not a temporary hardware problem. Download any new Internet browser by going to their homepage and clicking the "Download" option. It will install automatically after the download completes. There are many different types of Internet browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and many others.