How to Create a Morph on Roblox

By Matt Scheer

Updated September 28, 2017

Roblox is a free online construction program that lets users create interactive places and games for players to enjoy. The user interface offers many pre-built models and building units, but players can also build with the thousands of custom made models other players have uploaded for the Roblox community. A morph is a kind of model that players turn into when they touch it. Although a morph requires scripting, there are many free morphs available that you can customize. For this reason making a morph is a simple task for beginners and experts of Roblox alike.

Open the Roblox studio.

Click on the tools icon to open the tools panel.

Select the categories pull-down menu. Select the Free Models category.

Search in the Free Models category for "morphs." Choose any of the morphs that appear in the search. Click on the thumbnail of the morph for it to appear in the world viewer.

Test that the morph you chose works by clicking on the Test tab in the menu bar and Solo Test. Your character should appear. Walk your character into the morph. Your character should turn into the morph. If it doesn't, choose another morph from the thumbnails in the tools panel.

Edit the morph in the world viewer. Click on each part of the morph, such as the head, torso, arms, legs, or another part to resize them, change their color, or delete them.

Edit the morph through the properties panel. Click on the morph to open the properties panel. Change any property you like, including the name, location, max health and walk speed of the morph.

Edit the morph through the explorer panel. Click the View tab and choose Explorer to open the explorer panel. Double-click the Workspace folder. Double-click the morph in the explorer panel. Change any object linked to the morph, including its Head, Torso, Legs, Arms, Script and GUI.


Use morphs to give players health bonuses or camouflage.

Place morphs at the end of hard levels or on a lone platform that the player has to figure out how to reach.