How to Embed a Google Calendar in a Facebook Group Page

By Marie Cartwright

Updated September 28, 2017

Using Google Calendar and Facebook together can help you get all your guests on the same page.
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Getting all of your Facebook Group members in one place at the same time can take a lot of coordination. If you use Google Calendar to organize your schedule, you may have thought about using it in conjunction with your Facebook Group. While Facebook Groups do not support a tiny Google Calendar right within the page, you can embed a hyperlink to a public Google Calendar, as well as export events from your Facebook Group to the calendar itself.

Log in to Google Calendar, expand the "My Calendars" menu in the left sidebar and click "Add." Give your new calendar a name that corresponds with that of your Facebook Group -- for example, "Facebook calendar." Check the "Make this calendar public" box and click "Create Calendar."

Click the small triangle beside the Facebook calendar within the "My Calendars" menu. Select "Calendar Settings." Scroll down the Calendar Settings page until you see the "Calendar Address" section. Click the "HTML" button. A popup dialog box appears; copy the entire URL within the dialog box.

Log in to your Facebook account and go to your Group page. Click on the "Link" tab below the Group title. Paste the URL from Step 2 into the text field and click "Attach." Type a brief description into the "Say something about this link" box, then click "Share." A link to your public Google Calendar is posted on your Facebook Group page; clicking the link opens the calendar in a new browser tab.

Click on an upcoming event within your Facebook Group page. Click the "Export" link at the bottom of the event page. A popup dialog box appears. Select "Send Email to (your Google account)" Click "OK."

Open the Facebook email within Gmail and click the "Add to Calendar" link. Your Google Calendar opens in a separate browser tab.

Select your Facebook calendar from the "Calendar" drop-down menu within the new event description. Click "Save." Your Facebook event has now been added to your public Google Calendar.