How to Raise Duelist Level Faster in "Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Darkness"

By Matt Scheer

Updated September 22, 2017

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Darkness" is a Game Boy Advance game released in 2005. The player has to help Yugi Mato solve the puzzle of the stolen Millenium Prize. Along the way, players duel enemies with digital versions of the collectible card game cards. Your duelist level determines what level of opponent you can face, your deck capacity and other special bonuses. For example, the higher your duelist level, the more likely an opponent is to drop a rare card after being defeated.

Enter a duelist level cheat. Select "Options" under the Title screen, then "Cheat" and then "Cheats List." Type in this cheat: "02021c20:270f." This gives your character a 9999 duelist level.

Win strong monster cards early on to beat duelists quicker and raise your duelist level. Defeat the duelist Duke to get the White Storms card. Duel Yugi and ante the White Storms card. If you beat Yugi, he drops the Spellbinding Circle or an Exodia card. These are powerful monsters and spells that help you beat duelists more powerful than you.

Earn money fast so you can buy powerful cards from the shop and defeat duelists quicker. Defeat the Neo-Ghoul army before you face the duelist Keith. They give you a lot of money. Reload the saved game after defeating them to battle them again and again.

Defeat all of the duelists in Clock Tower Square and the Domino Station in a row. Defeating duelists in succession raises your duelist level faster.

Beat the game in Story Mode. Reload the saved game that you beat. Look at the world map. A new location should appear called "Hall of Eternities." Visit this location and defeat the duelists there. These duelists are very strong, with 20,000 life points and more. Defeating them very quickly raises your duelist level.