How to Create a Beautiful Female Character for "Oblivion"

By Megan Thacker

Updated September 22, 2017

In "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion," players can customize every aspect of their character's appearance and personality. While other games may supply players with basic character creation features, "Oblivion" allows players to sculpt intricate details of a character's face. Every aspect of her appearance from hair style and color to the placement of her cheekbones is fully customizable. By taking advantage of this function, you can create a beautiful, unique female character.

Set your character's gender as "female" when you first begin the character creation process.

Open the race selection screen and scroll through the available races. Redgards, Nords, Imperials and Bretons are all human races, so if you want your female character to be human, pick any of these options. High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves also resemble humans, but their pointed ears give them a distinct appearance.

Open the "Face" menu and select "Random." Continue hitting random until the game generates a face close to what you like. This generator automatically randomizes facial features, providing you with a variety of possibilities.

Fine tune your randomized face using the feature menus. These menus allow you to choose the style and shape of your eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, hair and more. Use the sliding adjustment scales to perfect the size and shape of every feature.

Complete the look of your female character by purchasing outfits from the Imperial Market District. Sell the loot you obtain from caverns and use your gold to purchase clothing from Rindir's Staff, Divine Elegance or any other merchant in Imperial City.