How to Make Pokemon Super Friendly With an AR Code for "Platinum"

By Junou Mathieu

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Pokemon Platinum," certain Pokemon like Munchlax and Riolu must have maximum happiness to evolve. A Pokemon can have between 0-255 happiness points. Some actions raise a Pokemon's happiness by 1-5 points. You can check the happiness of a Pokemon by speaking to either the Footstep Man on Route 213 or the girl who is a member of the Pokemon Fan Club. If your Pokemon has maximum happiness, the Footstep Man or the girl will describe your Pokemon as "super friendly." You can use an Action Replay code to make a Pokemon reach maximum happiness.

Go to a store selling consoles and video games. Purchase the correct version of Action Replay for your DS. For instance, your Nintendo DSi is only compatible with Action Replay DSi. As of July 2011, you can purchase any version of Action Replay for about $20.

Insert your "Pokemon Platinum" cartridge into your Action Replay. Put the Action Replay into the DS game cartridge slot of your Nintendo DS. Turn on your Nintendo DS. Press the "A" button to go to the main menu of Action Replay.

Touch the green asterisk button on the touch screen of your Nintendo DS with the stylus or your finger. Move the white cursor with the directional pad of the Nintendo DS until it's hovering over "Add New Code." Press "A" to make the selection. Look through the list of games for "Pokemon Platinum" and select it.

Enter "Super Friendly Pokemon" or "Maximum Happiness" as the name of the cheat. Press "A" to confirm the name of the cheat. Use the directional pad to enter the following AR code.

920748F0 0000E119 120748F2 00009800 120748F4 00008880 1207491A 00006972 0207491C 400B1C23 02074920 21004002 02074924 40592000 12074928 00004050 94000130 FFF30000 120748F2 0000480B 120748F4 00004700 1207491A 00004A02 1207491C 00004710 02074920 02000101 02074924 02000129 12074928 0000BC10 D2000000 00000000 62000100 402E1C26 E2000100 00000010 732820FF 88809800 47284D00 020748F7 E2000128 0000001C 6972B410 400B1C23 21004002 40592000 4C014050 46C04720 02074929 00000000 D2000000 00000000

Confirm the code and press "B" to return to the main menu of Action Replay. Touch "Start" to begin "Pokemon Platinum." Start your game and go to the "Party Screen." Highlight and select a Pokemon. Press "Start" and "Select" at the same time. Go to the "Check Summary" screen for the Pokemon to make it super friendly.