How to Discover Hidden Apps on an iPhone

by Alexander PoirierUpdated September 28, 2017
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Apple's iPhone smartphone can have up to 11 screen pages of apps. With each screen holding 16 apps and the device's dock holding four, that's a total of 180 individual app icons that can be displayed in the iPhone's homepages. If you download more than 180 apps, however, the extra applications don't appear on the iPhone's homepages, effectively becoming hidden apps. If you want to find a hidden app on your iPhone, you must simply search for it using the device's built-in Spotlight search feature.

Press the iPhone's home button to navigate to the device's main home screen. Press the home button a second time to enter Spotlight search.

Type the name of the hidden application in the Spotlight search bar and tap the "Search" button.

Tap the name of the hidden application you want to launch in the list of search results. The application launches.

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