The Easiest Way to Get a Million Proud Souls on "Devil May Cry 4"

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 22, 2017

Proud souls are used in “Devil May Cry 4” to buy new abilities for Nero and Dante. Proud souls are awarded based on a variety of factors at the end of each mission. You still earn a portion of the proud souls for a mission if you restart or quit it, but not as many as if you completed it. “Mission 9: For You” provides a very easy way to quickly gain proud souls without requiring much in terms of player skill and purchased abilities.

Start “Mission 9: For You.” You can replay missions anytime after you have reached them. You encounter Alto Angelo and two knights on the Grand Alum Bridge at the beginning of this mission.

Evade the attacks from Alto Angelo and his knights. Do not kill any of them at this point. Avoid them until all three rush to the opposite side of the bridge. Alto Angelo begins to summon a blue ball of energy at this point.

Charge the Blue Rose by holding down the ranged attack button. You must have purchased at least the first level of Charge Shot with Proud Souls to do this. The first level only costs 1,000 proud souls, making it one of the cheapest abilities in the game. It does not matter what level of Charge Shot you have.

Release the fire button when Alto Angelo throws the blue ball of energy at you. Your shot causes the ball of energy to deflect back into him and his two knights. This kills all three and awards you the maximum style ranking of “SSS.”

Press “Start” to open the menu.

Choose “Systems” from the menu.

Choose “Restart Mission” from the system menu. You are awarded about 500 proud souls, depending on how many times you were hit and the current difficulty level. Start at the beginning of the mission. This can be repeated as many times as desired.


Collecting the maximum 999,999 proud souls is unnecessary. Buying every ability requires around 300,000 proud souls.