Can You Really See Who Has Visited Your Profile in Facebook?

by Peter MitchellUpdated September 28, 2017

There's no authorized way to see who has viewed your Facebook profile, according to Facebook -- whether through your settings or via a third-party application. However, many people are seduced by scam applications that claim to allow you to see who has visited your profile. Despite such claims, Facebook states that no application can help you see who's been looking at your profile.

Facebook Profile

Your Facebook profile is the page and associated information that your friends see when they click on your name or avatar. You can choose various privacy options for your profile, from open to all to make only some information visible to chosen friends. However, within your profile no options allow you to view who has clicked on your profile, whether friend or not. You can see how your profile looks to other users by clicking the "Preview My Profile" button in the Customize Settings section in your privacy settings.


PCMag.com reports on a rash of scam tactics using the promise of seeing your Facebook profile views. Suppose a status update appears in your stream from a friend, saying that this friend managed to see who viewed his or her profile. The update provides a link. However, when you click the link, you're asked to enter your username and password. This often results in the same status update post on your own wall as the one that you originally saw from your friend, encouraging other people to try the application. You may then see lots of advertisements or even become subject to a hacking attempt.


Facebook requests that you report applications that claim that they can show who has visited your profile. These applications break the Facebook terms of use for developers. On its privacy information page, Facebook explains that the website doesn't provide the technical ability for applications to monitor profile visits. Because these are rogue applications, it generally isn't long before they're banned from the site.


If you encounter an app that says it can show you who visited your profile, report it. Facebook recommends that you click the app's About page and find the "Report Application" link near the bottom of the page. If you see suspicious status updates in your friends' news feeds, message them and let them know that the application is bogus and that they should delete the message and remove the application as soon as possible.

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