How to Make Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars in "MapleStory"

By Daniel Alden

Updated September 22, 2017

The Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars are a ranged weapon in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game "MapleStory." The item is rare as it must be forged, and the ingredients required are not common. Two of the ingredients require players to buy packs of "MapleStory" trading cards and put in exclusive codes to get the items. The Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars require players to be Level 50 to use.

Obtain a Crystal Shard ("MapleStory" trading cards Set 2), a Naricain Jewel ("MapleStory" trading cards Set 1), 7 LUK Crystals (refined from LUK Crystal Ore by Vogen or Spiruna), a Dark Crystal (refined from Dark Crystal Ore by Vogen or Spiruna) and 800 Ilbi Throwing Stars (dropped by enemies such as Zombie Mushmom, Mushmom and Wolf Spider).

Go to “New Leaf Town” and climb “Bigger Ben.” Enter "Bigger Ben" when you reach the top.

Make your way down the steps and talk to John Barricade.

Ask John Barricade about artifacts. After the conversation ends, talk to him about artifacts again. This time, you will be able to ask him to look at the artifacts in your inventory.

Select “Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars.” Then select “Create Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars.” John will take the Crystal Shard and the Naricain Jewel. He will give you a Crystal Ilbi Forging Manual in return.

Go to Omega Sector and talk to Spindle.

Choose “John Barricade gave me a manual and said you could build this for me.”

Select “Create Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars.” Spindle will take the required items and give you Crystal Ilbi Throwing Stars.