How to Check Who Is Checking My Facebook?

by Christa TitusUpdated September 28, 2017

As of July 2011, Facebook does not provide a feature that tells you who is looking at your profile, and the company states that a third-party application doesn't exist to provide the service either. You can get an idea of who is looking at your profile by doing a little bit of investigating, but keep in mind that you'll be limited to checking profiles of your Facebook friends and Facebook members who have public profiles.

Examine your Facebook profile. Look to see who posts on your wall. See who has commented on your photos and photo albums. Check who clicked the "like" or "unlike" button on your posts or other people's comments. See if someone clicked the "poke" button or sent you a Friend request. All these items prove that those particular individuals viewed your profile.

Check your Facebook email to see who sends you messages. One way to send a message through the social networking service is to click the "message" button on your profile. When you respond to these emails, ask whoever sent them if they looked at your profile recently.

Investigate your Facebook friends' profiles. Look at their page statuses and the posts that they or their Facebook friends make on their walls and the comments they make on photos. They might post information that reflect that they visited your page, such as repeating a comment you made or copying a photo that you took.

Review the profiles of people who are friends with your Facebook friends. Check the same things that you looked for in Step 3. Remember that you won't be able to view these people's profiles unless you send them friend requests or their Facebook profiles are set as publicly viewable.


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