How to Auto Mix With Virtual DJ

By Ty Wright

Updated September 22, 2017

Virtual DJ is a computer program that allows you to mix MP3s from the comfort of your personal computer. The automix function allows anyone to play music continually with click of a button. It Virtual DJ is available in a free home edition and different professional editions. The home edition is simple to learn and easy to use. The professional versions of the software afford a DJ every option he would need or expect to find on an analogue set-up.

Power on the computer. Open the Virtual DJ program. Mouse over the “playlist” button to open and activate the playlist. The playlist is located in the lower right hand corner if your program is set up to use the default skin.

Click the lock icon in the lower left hand corner of the playlist window to keep it open. Drag and drop music from your library into the playlist.

Click the “activate automix” button to start the automix function. The song will load from your playlist and appear at the top of the program. You will also see that the song has loaded into the left deck.

Customize how the automix will play by clicking on the “+” icon in the “playlist management” menu. The heading will read “start automix” and there will be various options underneath it. Click the button marked “automix type” to reveal the five types of automix modes: “Smart” lets the program determine the optimal mix point. This is based on the outro of the track that’s playing and the intro of the incoming track. “Fade” (remove into/outro) and “Fade” (remove silence), both work to remove silence or dead air from a track. “Fade” (remove nothing) lets the song play in its original form. All three “Fade” settings set a crossfade mark based on the length of the automix. “None” (back-to-back) plays each song in its entirety, including dead air and lead time.

Click the “automix length” button in the playlist management menu to adjust the length of the automix. There are six different settings to choose from.

Edit the mix points of the automix function. There are three settings that allow you to set the mix point: “Mix Fade,” Mix Cut,” and “Mix Tempo.” These settings only work when the “Smart” automix mode is activated. Each of these settings allows you to set the entry point and exit point for the mixing of songs.


The songs from the playlist load in the left deck if neither deck is in use. Otherwise the songs load from whatever deck was last in use at the time you click the “automix button” Depending on what skin is being used, the automix button will appear in different locations. The function works the same, however. Virtual DJ undergoes regular upgrades. Visit the VirtualDJ website to stay up to date with the current configuration.