How to Reduce Background Noise in Adobe Premiere

by Alex ZangUpdated September 28, 2017

If you filmed a lot of your old home movies on video tapes, or you're transferring music onto your computer from a cassette, one issue with which you'll have to deal is background noise. When you're dealing with background noise you'll hear anything from a slight hiss to full static. Video editing programs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, have a Denoiser effect that's used to eliminate any tape noise from your digital video.

Launch Adobe Premiere Pro and open the video file that you're working on.

Click on the video clip that you want to reduce the background noise of in the timeline.

Click "Effects" then "Audio Effects."

Click "Stereo," "5.1," or "Mono." The choice you make is dependent on what type of camera you're using to capture video. Consult your owner's manual to determine which type of audio file you should select.

Click on "Denoiser" from the list of audio effects. Drag the Denoiser onto your video's audio track.

Click the "Effect Controls" tab to open it.

Click "Denoiser," found under the "Audio Effects" heading in the "Effect Controls" tab.

Click "Custom Setup."

Rotate the knob with your cursor to change the "Reduction" setting to around -20db. This reduces the background noise by that amount of decibels. You may need to play your video and then adjust the setting further.


Use other Adobe Premiere audio effects to clean up the rest of the audio track for your video.

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