How to Remove the Memory Expansion Pak on a N64

By Grahame Turner

Updated September 22, 2017

The N64 Expansion Pak, a quick way for Nintendo 64 owners to increase the speed and performance of the N64 console, is a modular and removable unit. If you have an old N64, and you want to take out the Expansion Pak — or the Jumper Pak that comes with the console — it takes a little work and a small tool. After you've removed it, you can put it into another console, or replace it with a new one.

Remove the Expansion Pak slot cover, located on the center front of the console, at the top of the slope on the casing. If you are opening the cover for the first time and you have a Jumper Pak (the original Expansion Pak that comes with the console), remove the red sticker from the top of the Jumper Pak.

Insert the Jumper Pak Ejector Tool, or a small spoon, into the slot at the back of the expansion pak, near the game cartridge slot. Position the tool or spoon so that the lip on the end catches the lip on the back of the Pak.

Push the spoon or Ejector tool back, toward the cartridge slot. It should pull the Expansion Pak out of the slot slightly, disconnecting it from the console.

Pull the Expansion Pak out of the console. If you still have the original Jumper Pak, insert that into the slot to prevent dust from getting into the system.

Replace the Expansion Pak cover.