How to Use Your Phone on "GTA: San Andreas"

By Melissa King

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" ("GTA: San Andreas"), Carl Johnson is a very busy man. He needs to keep in contact with his gang members, employers and acquaintances. But, Carl has a cell phone that lets him learn important information about new missions or the location of an important person or place. You cannot use Carl's cell phone to make outgoing calls, but when someone wants to contact you, you can choose whether you want to answer the phone and hear what they have to say.

Complete the game's second mission, "Sweet & Kendel." To finish this mission, ride your bike from your starting location back to the red marker in front of your house. You can now receive calls on the cell phone.

Press "L1" to answer the ringing phone on the PlayStation 2. Press "Left Trigger" on the Xbox or "Tab" if you are playing on PC.

Listen to the caller's message. If they want you to meet them somewhere, an icon will appear on your map. When the caller is done talking, the phone disconnects automatically.


Press the same button you used to answer the phone if you want to hang it up before the caller is done talking.