How to Set Up a Surf Server TF2

By Brad Malloy

Updated September 22, 2017

Setting up an enjoyable TF2 surf server will build a strong community.
i Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Setting up a surf server is a great way to grab and hold on to regular users in the highly competitive TF2 market. TF2 (Team Fortress 2) is a first-person shooter game; surfing is a form of emergent gameplay that replaces traditional game objectives with racing down ramps to simulate real-world surfing. Surf servers rely on a good selection of challenging maps along with some custom environmental settings to stand out in a sea of dedicated servers. Gathering regular players will form a community centered around your server and will let you play with people who are less likely to behave poorly than more casual players; that makes the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Play surf maps on other servers and decide which ones are fun. Surf maps are prefixed with the word "surf" and an underscore; for example, "surf_greatriver" is a popular map you may want to try out.

Upload the maps that you like to the "maps" folder of your server. The map selection will have a large impact on the quality of the server. Consistently challenging and fun maps mean more players.

Open the "cfg" folder, and edit the "server.cfg" file. Add in the following:

sv_airaccelerate 100 mp_disable_respawntimes 1

The first option makes it possible to surf; the second disables respawn timers, which will mean people can surf without worrying about dying and having to wait.

Navigate to the "tf" folder and edit "mapcycle.txt" to inlcude only the names of the maps that you want people to play on. If it doesn't exist, create a file with that exact name, with each map name separated by a return.

Restart the server to initiate the changes you've made. Enjoy your surf server.