How to Get the Second Test From Baobab in "Pokemon SoulSilver"

By Andrew Cowie

Updated September 22, 2017

Baoba is the game warden of the Safari Zone in "Pokemon SoulSilver" for the Nintendo DS. The Safari Zone is a special area where you can find and capture various types of Pokemon. Baoba gives you two challenges, both of which require you to catch a specific type of Pokemon. The first challenge must be completed before he gives you the second.

Travel to the Safari Zone. Walk north from Route 48 to find the entrance. Speak to Baoba who gives you a test to find and catch a Geodude inside the Safari Zone. Receive the 30 Safari Balls and go inside.

Enter the Peak Area of the Safari Zone. Walk around until you get into a random encounter with Geodude. Use Water- and Grass-based Pokemon to counteract Geodude's rock-based characteristics. Use a Safari Ball when his health is low to catch Geodude.

Return to Baoba and speak to him to complete the first test. Wait three gameplay hours for a phone call from Baoba. Walk back to the Safari Zone and speak to Baoba to receive the second test, tasking you with editing the Safari Zone and catching Sandshrew.

Use the "Area Customize" to add the Desert Area. Enter the area and walk around until you run into Sandshrew. Wear down his hit points and use a Safari Ball to catch him. Return to Baoba and speak with him to complete the second test.