How to Play "Final Fantasy" Tactics on PC

By Joshua Solomon

Updated September 22, 2017

“Final Fantasy Tactics” is a strategy role-playing game developed by SquareSoft (now Square-Enix) for the PlayStation console. A spin-off of the successful “Final Fantasy” franchise, this game allows players to move about their environment to coordinate attacks against rival armies. Although the game is regarded as classic, its graphics cannot compare to modern games. Gamers can play “Final Fantasy Tactics” at higher resolutions on their computers (provided they own a legal copy of the game) by downloading a PlayStation emulator and some necessary files; you'll be running your favorite PSX game on your PC in no time.

Download the latest version of “ePSXe.” Visit the ePSXe website and browse the downloads section. Click on the latest version of the emulator under the “ePSXe Downloads” section.

Use your preferred file compression utility to unzip the file (once it has downloaded). You will now have an accessible ePSXe folder (the name varies depending upon the version downloaded); however, you must install "PlayStation BIOS" before “Final Fantasy Tactics” will run.

Visit the EmuAsylum website. Download the “PlayStation Bios Files” from the “Sony PlayStation” page.

Obtain “Pete's OpenGL2 PSX GPU Version 2.9” from the website, "Pete's Domain." You will need this graphics plug-in to launch the ePSXe application. Unzip the folder once it has downloaded.

Open the ePSXe folder. Now open the “BIOS” subfolder. Click and drag (or cut and paste) the contents of the “PlayStation Bios Files” into the ePSXe “bios” folder.

Return to the main ePSXe folder. Open the “Plug-ins” subfolder and transfer the “gpuPeteOpenGL2.dll” to this directory from the “gpupeteogl209” folder. Double-click “ePSXe.exe” to launch the program.

Acquire the “zlib1.dll” file at if you receive an error message, stating that the file is missing. Unzip the folder and copy the file, “zlib1.dll” to the main ePSXe folder.

Select “BIOS” under the “Config” menu while the application is running. Click select, browse to the “bios” subfolder in your ePSXe folder, and double-click SCPH5500.BIN. Now, click “OK.”

Insert the “Final Fantasy Tactics” game disc into your computer's disc drive. Click “Run CDROM” under the “File” menu to successfully run “Final Fantasy Tactics” on your PC.