How to Submit a Ticket in "Neopets"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Nobody has fun when something goes wrong, such as when your "Neopets" account is suddenly frozen or you're having trouble with one of the games in Faerieland. When something's rustling your Neopet's feathers, you can solve it by submitting a ticket on the support site. You must be able to log in to your account to submit a ticket.

Navigate to the Neopets website and log in to your account. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Help" to enter the Help Center.

Click "Submit a Ticket." You may also opt to check the FAQ in case your specific problem has already been addressed before filing a request for help.

Select your reason for help, such as account activation issues or premium membership, which generates a specific form to fill out. There are over 15 categories, so be sure to pick the correct one.

Fill out the form provided. Depending on the issue, the length of the form will vary. For example, you only need to briefly summarize an account activation problem, but a bug report requires extensive detail for further investigation.

Review some of the suggested help links before continuing. When you've filled out enough information, several related links appear to try and help you solve the problem without a staff member stepping in.

Click "My answer is not here" if none of the suggested links help. Another form appears below to allow screenshot attachments where applicable and set up email notifications for your soon-to-be ticket. You can also include other email addresses, including ones that aren't associated with "Neopets," to receive notifications. Send the form to file the ticket; if you opted for notifications, you'll receive an email confirmation for your ticket.

Click the "My Support" tab to view your support ticket history. After just submitting, the ticket will appear in bold blue, meaning nobody has looked at it yet. Red bold text indicates you need to provide more information before the staff can solve the problem. Green bold text means the ticket has been resolved.


Remember that Neopets staff have many players to help; depending on the severity of your issue, it might take some time before someone can respond.

If you can't log in to your account, you can create a new account just to create a support ticket. When you get your account back, you can set up a new ticket on the new account to have the temporary account deleted.


If you provided any forgettable false information when registering for your account, such as a random birth date, it may not be possible to have your issue resolved.