Hidden Object Games for the PlayStation 3

By Amy McNulty

Updated September 22, 2017

The objective of a hidden object game is to find a series of items in a picture that's jam-packed with clutter. The hidden object game genre is prevalent on the PC, but PlayStation 3 owners can find some games for their systems as well. Many of these games are available via downloads from the PlayStation Network (PSN).

"The Mystery of the Crystal Portal"

"The Mystery of the Crystal Portal" is a hidden object game for both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable. You play as Nicole in a steampunk Victorian-meets-science-fiction era. You're on a quest to uncover the truth behind Nicole's father's disappearance, and you must solve hidden object puzzles to unlock clues. Each hidden puzzle features one or more "key items." Since there are no descriptions of the key items, you'll have to spend time guessing. The key items differ from one puzzle to the next and do not always relate to a common objective. For example, in a puzzle screen featuring overturned shelves and cupboards, you must locate cough syrup, "a strange cake" and white boots.

"Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos"

The storyline of "Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos" is simple: you are an Interpol agent seeking international criminal mastermind Dr. Chaos. Along the way, you'll complete hidden object puzzles in different locales around the world. You also run into Dr. Chaos' henchmen, who help you uncover the whereabouts of Dr. Chaos himself. The hidden object puzzles in "Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos" are timed, which increases the challenge. You may also enjoy the game's multiplayer mode, an offline cooperative mode in which one other player helps you locate the hidden objects. You both locate the items on the same screen simultaneously; once one of you finds an object, it no longer appears on the to-find list. In multiplayer mode, you'll be able to complete each list faster.

"Dream Chronicles"

"Dream Chronicles" was originally a PC release, and it came to the PSN in 2010. The game is short, but it features compelling gameplay. There are 18 chapters in the game, each with one or two hidden object screens. Expect to spend an average of 15 to 20 minutes per screen as you search for objects. While the story isn't the main focus of the game -- the hidden object puzzles take center stage -- there is an overarching quest. As Faye, a young woman, you must locate a fairy queen named Lillith and save your husband.

"Red Johnson's Chronicles"

"Red Johnson's Chronicles," a mature-rated puzzle game with heavy emphasis on hidden object puzzles, features an old-fashioned private investigator. As the titular Red Johnson, you'll explore a gritty city, solve hidden object and other logic puzzles and uncover the mystery behind murders and other crimes. The game appeals to those who like an intriguing story with their hidden object games. The hidden object puzzles feature tiny objects to find. Because of the tone, language and content, this game is only suitable for adults.