How to Switch Off Shadow in SolidWorks

by Quinten PlummerUpdated September 28, 2017

SolidWorks' shadow effects feature adds realistic shadows and shades to your project's 2-D and 3-D models. However, the object shadow effects may not look good when used in another application, or they may simply be a distraction during the editing process. If you find the object shadow effects to be a hindrance or a nuisance, SolidWorks provides you with a solution to drop your project's shadows.

Launch SolidWorks. Click on the program's "Open" button. Locate the project you'd like to work with using the file explorer window that appears. Click "Open."

Click on the SolidWorks' "Tools" heading, and then click on the "Options" heading in the context menu that appears beneath the heading.

Remove the check from inside of the "Display Shadows" box under the Option menu's "General" tab -- the "General" tab is displayed by default. Click "OK" to remove the shadows from your project.

Click on SolidWorks' "Save" button to store your changes to the project.


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