How to Crouch in "Minecraft"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Crouching in "Minecraft" enables sneak mode, which actually has little to do with stealth; players use this mode to help build bridges across fatal gaps, since it stops them from walking off cliffs. Hostile mobs can still detect you, however, and arrows where your head would be while standing still cause you damage.

Changing the Default Key

By default, PC players use the Left Shift key and console players press the right stick to sneak. From the pause menu, selecting "Controls" within the game options lets you change what you have to press to crouch in "Minecraft." If you're running the Pi Edition, however, you can't change the default controls.

Benefits of Sneaking

Sneaking protects you from falling off a cliff higher than a single block, though this mode will make you move slower than if you were standing upright. If you're planning to build dangerous constructions, sneaking can help keep you alive.