How to Unlock the Huntsman in "TF2"

By Paul Higgins

Updated September 22, 2017

By unlocking the Huntsman, you will be able to equip it instead of the regular sniper rifle when playing as Sniper in "Team Fortress 2" (TF2). "Team Fortress 2" is a video game in which you can play as one out of nine different classes, among them the Sniper. The Huntsman, though a bow, is more efficient than the sniper rifle in close-range combat situations, since it does not require you to charge your shot before firing. You can unlock the Huntsman by completing five of the 35 Sniper achievements.

Read the list of Sniper achievements and the objectives you need to complete to get them. Some websites also provide "TF2" players with strategy guides to help them complete their required achievements.

Play regularly as Sniper. Some achievements require you to kill a certain number of opponents or are based in part on luck. By playing as Sniper often, you increase your chances of getting those achievements.

Ask a friend to join you on an empty server. By asking your friend to perform certain actions, you can get some of the achievements faster than in regular games. For example, to get the "De-sentry-lized" achievement, which requires you to destroy three sentry guns, ask your friend to play as Engineer and place sentry guns in an open area. Then destroy his sentry guns with a scoped rifle shot.


You can earn your required achievements in any order. You will automatically receive the Huntsman in your "TF2" backpack after you complete your fifth achievement.