How to Heal in "Minecraft"

by Naomi BoltonUpdated September 22, 2017

"Minecraft" is an independent 3D game which encourages players to explore and craft new items. The game is open-ended with no goals beyond the survival of the player. A big part of the game is crafting, which involves combining objects found in the game world in order to create new items. Players can also get injured either by falling from great heights or while fighting hostile creatures. When this happens, the player needs to eat in order to heal.

Press the "W," "A," "S" and "D" keys on your keyboard to move your character forward, backward, left and right, respectively. Use your mouse to explore the game world.

Find a tree; walk up to it and stand in front of the trunk. While facing the tree trunk, hold down the left mouse button. Your character will start hitting the tree trunk and once it is destroyed, the wood will appear in your inventory at the bottom of the screen.

Press the "I" button to open your inventory, then left click on the wood pieces you gathered. Click on one of the four empty squares underneath "Crafting," which is to the right of your character portrait. The arrow next to the crafting square will show what your raw materials will get turned into. In this case, it will be planks.

Left click on the planks showing to the right of the crafting square to pick them up. Click anywhere in your inventory to deposit them.

Left click on a set of planks in your inventory and then right click on each of the four crafting squares. This places one plank in each slot. The result will be a work bench which is essential for creating new items. Place the work bench in a safe place where the monsters can't get to you while you use it -- a cave built out on the side of a cliff, for example.

Face your workbench and right click. Place a plank in the middle square and bottom middle square of the crafting slots to create four sticks. Put one stick in the middle square and one in the bottom middle square. Fill the top row of the crafting square with three planks. The result will be a pick-axe.

Click the pick-axe and place it in the bottom row of your inventory. Use the scroll wheel of your mouse to select the pick axe. Walk up to any of the pink creatures roaming around randomly in the game world and hold down the left mouse button while facing them. These are pigs and when you kill them they will drop pork chops. If you kill them without using a weapon like the pick-axe, they won't drop anything.

Walk over the pork chops to pick them up. Use your mouse scroll wheel until the pork chops are selected and right click to consume them. The chops are raw, so they will only restore one and a half heart units when you eat them. For more health, it is better to cook the chops. To do this, you can build a furnace at your bench by combining eight pieces of cobblestone. You can mine cobblestone from any of the mountains or rocks in the area using your pick-axe.

Create a fishing rod by combining three sticks and three pieces of string on your bench. String is found by killing the spiders that appear at night or in dark places. Use your fishing rod to catch fish in any body of water in the game world. A raw fish only restores one unit of health -- it is better to place it in your furnace to cook it first. A cooked fish restores two and a half units of health.


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