How to Use a Nuke on "Civilization Revolution"

By Gwen Wark

Updated September 22, 2017

"Civilization Revolution" translated Sid Meier's fun and challenging empire-building series into a successful Microsoft Xbox title. In this game, players choose their nationality and work for, or against, other players to build the ultimate empire of nations. Along the way, technological discoveries, cultural advances and wars between rival factions add excitement to game play. One of the achievements possible is the Manhattan Project, which allows the civilization that possesses it to build a nuclear weapon.

Set your scientists to discover Atomic Theory. This requires that your scientists discover Invention, University and Electricity first.

Set your fastest-producing city to build the Manhattan Project wonder. Only a single nuclear weapon is achievable in each game, so if a competing civilization has already completed the Manhattan Project, they receive the nuclear weapon.

Build the nuclear weapon. Select the nuclear weapon icon on the city screen, then press "A" to set your factories to build this item.

Select the weapon by pressing "A." A biohazard symbol appears. Place this symbol over the city you wish to destroy, then press "A" and confirm the launch. The nuclear weapon destroys the targeted city.